Learning Foundation is an initiative to bring educational opportunities to economically and socially marginalised communities. We believe Education has the power to transform lives, bridge gaps of inequity in society and create generational progress.

Underpinned by UNESCO sustainable development goals we acknowledge that education is a human right and must be accessible to all. Our program aims to leverage technology to build a digital learning platform that will connect the community of volunteer teachers with learners from across the globe.

We aim to develop an education program that combines literacy, numeracy and art disciplines. We believe a holistic education that incorporates both academic and art disciplines fosters skills that need to address future challenges.

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Support we need:

  • Volunteers Teachers
  • Education Specialists
  • Ed Tech Specialists
  • Volunteer Program Coordinators
  • Donation of IT equipment
  • Ed Tech resources


Basic Literacy

Our basic literacy focus is on the 3 Rs – Reading, Writing, and Numeracy. Foundation Knowledge in these areas is an important stepping stone to furthering one’s education journey. Basic literacy skills will empower individuals to seek opportunities that will uplift their life.


Our Art program aims at developing creative thinking and creating individuality. Art brings a unique dimension to learning and allows individual expression. The creative process in the art will enable the development of communication and innovative thinking.

Book Buddies

Book Buddies aims to create small reading groups that focus on developing and enhancing reading skills. Small individualised and flexible reading groups will allow participants to build confidence in reading at their own pace.


Pen pals to E-Pals! E-Pals buddy up Learning Foundation learners with individuals who volunteer to communicate through emails. The focus is to improve the writing capability and allow for the creation of meaningful relationships.

Master Classes

Master Classes are unique one-off classes on a selection of special topics. These are delivered by subject matter experts. Master Classes range from learning basic computer skills to how to write a resume

Wellbeing & Life Skills

We believe emotional and physical well-being bring stability and improve the quality of life. Our well-being program provides content around keeping a resilient mind, mindfulness activities and yoga programs.

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